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Blue Vigil manufactures, distributes, and supports tether power systems for drones. The company has designed and tested a reactive spool tether system. The system is self-contained, includes proprietary power management circuitry, flight control system and can connect to most off-the-shelf UAVs. Drones powered by ground based tether systems can remain aloft as long as power is conveyed though the tether and do not require a dedicated operator. Blue Vigil was founded and is managed by a team of pilots and UAV experts. The team saw an unfilled need in the UAV industry for a tether system which was universally compatible with UAVs. Blue Vigil was founded in partnership with a Harrisonburg, Virginia Investor Group and James Madison University. Blue Vigil was launched in 2015.

Leadership Team

Todd Stave Chief Executive Officer

Todd Stave

Gerard Eldering Chief Operating Officer

Gerard Eldering

Robert Schumann Chief Technology Officer

Robert Schumann

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